Adrian Wong

Hybrid creative director & technology innovator
Hey everyone, certainly agree having a good early think about brand is a great idea as it can inform so much about initiatives, messaging and tone of voice going forward.

For me, it was an opportunity to help others in a potentially significant way that would not have been possible on my own and with the more immediate focuses that I had. Yes materially the help would be further down the line but with the ability to engage early with that audience, and through that connection would come the right to try and help earlier in more intangible ways. Written a bit clumsily due to not having had coffee yet but I hope it makes sense!

A big draw was also to be involved in a community of earlyish stage businesses that was very happy to help and support each other and that had a generally common goal. And because Genieshares is completely industry or business agnostic, it means the community can be extremely diverse which I always think makes it more valuable and interesting.