Ben Bradshaw

Brand and Web Designer
Brand Builder 💪
Hi All!

If we haven't met before yet, I'd like to say a massive hello to everyone involved. My name's Ben and I run an independent Branding Studio out of Loughborough and have recently become involved with GenieShares as a mentor. First order of business...the GenieShares brand!!

Myself and Ben Brabyn have had a talk in the background and are in agreement that as a community, this process should receive insights and input from the community itself.

So! I would really like to hear what you all as Genies or Mentors would like to see the GenieShares brand evolve into. What was it that drew you in? What is it that will draw others in? What is GenieShares all about? What does it stand for?

The table is open and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

PS. I will be posting the updates on here as we progress.