Adam Grainger

Client experience data analytics
 Charles Radclyffe  Excellent! As a fellow benchmarker, it's always good when people can point to how academic rigour backs-up their model. Hope it goes for you! PS/ We're making good progress with the firm you introduced us to ... I'll keep you posted. Thanks again. 
Thanks  Ben Brabyn  These findings are helpful, and I'm interested in whether there are or could be benchmarks that track these drivers.  Charles Radclyffe  ... up your street? 
Hi Matt Jonns It's fantastic that you're considering becoming a genie and let me know if you'd like to catch up for a separate chat. From my perspective, there's just nothing about it you could ever regret and everything to gain. In my company, being genies makes us feel good because it's just the right thing to do, it spurs us on and (when we're having 'one of those days') it stops us strangling our creation, and it has deepened our connection to our local community which just feels right. If that's not enough, it makes us look good too: ours is a B2B venture, and our clients expect CSR from their start-up partners at a very early point in their lifecycle #bingo