Charles Radclyffe

AI Ethics and ESG
Hey everyone - I'm helping Align Capital to Values with AI at EthicsGrade
 Adam Grainger  yes, very much up our street - although having read the report, the only thing we have an answer to right now is policy capture...

... have added to our model roadmap and hopefully we'll have some capacity to engage with the British Council at a later date with the view of incorporating their thinking into our model
welcome Louis Barson - great to meet you here. Would love to connect and learn more about our mutual interests of emerging technology. I'm a Fellow at University of Bristol working with Quantum researchers on commercialisation of their work, and also have an AI Ethics startup. Would love to chat.

i really like what Adam Grainger has done and keen to explore this further... keen to ensure we create the impact we are looking to achieve as well as spotlight the story of entrepreneurship, and protect against the risks also...