Tom McCallum

Sounding Board
Here to support and mentor Genies
My sense is to stay focussed on our "Why" and stay in our lane. So many people doing great work around SDGs and also carbon neutrality and carbon footprint. Leave it up to Genies and their companies to follow their path.. and of course we can link up to people doing cool stuff and share their learnings. For example Christian Arno at Pawprint.Eco , a great concept around building awareness around individual impact.. and they are focussed on corporate partnerships to reach a lot of people quickly while also giving a way for corporates to make a difference through the individual carbon footprint of their people and those in their homes
Nothing to add, only to amplify the power of access to mentoring, community, mastermind groups for Genies. I look forward to playing my part in supporting in 2021
Happy to mentor a Genie. For clarity, though I've built numerous businesses, there will be better people to introduce you to funders and people to sell to. I focus on leadership as you grow your business. For more, visit my site, which includes interviews with several of this community, including  Ben Brabyn   Ali Arslan   David Mclean