Tim Hart

Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Director
For the last 30 years I have participated and supported global technology entrepreneurship and innovation work at the academic - industry interface. My passion is to better use entrepreneurship to deliver socio-economic good.
Ben Brabyn  Hi Ben, this is helpful. Thanks. Im gonna draft a couple of slides for inclusion in our venture build programme. I will send these over to you for review. I read through Tufanos work and the other references so I have more background here now. Many thanks. TIM
Ben Brabyn  Anything you have would be great.....even references to background research by Tufano et al. I'm building interest and commitment internally atg the moment to make GenieShares a integral component of our Venture Build Programme. This is great news. Catch up ASAP. 
Ben Brabyn  I think it would be a great output for this community to be delivering some kind of generally aligned set of slides which raise awareness of the concept of GenieShares. Ben.......do you have a simple slide deck you could share which goes from the research behind the concept to examples? I guess most of us in the community give talks all over the place so we can all disseminate the concept and raise awareness. I'd like to include GenieShares as an impact update in our ATTP accredited Technology Transfer Theory to Practice Course. But we would need to agree on slides so we are all consistent with the message. 
Ben Brabyn  Good question. I have been thinking that it should be left up to the individual business to consider whether they want to impact locally or nationally. It needs to be a UK citizen though I suspect to make it easy. Each company will need help to profile an individual they would like to target. This could be developed as a process that doesnt have to be complicated. Universities usually shy away from disruptive ideas like this, but its soo good that the sort of founders we all want to support will love it and I cant think of anything that could stop a spin-out from doing this...and if we held the shares anyway...then its part of the agreement to work with us within our programme. This could really resonate with impact investors which......are a growing albeit slowly.....breed. 
Ben Brabyn  Hi Ben, so......we are developing a plan to launch a national university venture build programme next year. This will involve Oxentia offering to take small equity positions in promising projects in return for offering a ton of support, space, prototyping work and legals to support the venture build process. It will be easy in principle to encourage spin-out teams to offer 1% of our stake in GenieShares. I've been thinking about a process for how you select a recepient that delivers the expected social impact and is personal for the business. Be good to run this by everyone. The key here....is starting to talk to the university spin-out community to start propagating the concept and getting them used to it. 
Thanks for the invite Ben. I am a huge fan of GenieShares. Right place - right time stuff! Im dead keen on seeing this initiative utilised in the university spin-out / start-up space.  Ben Brabyn  et al - does anyone have a simple Intro slide deck we could use to introduce this to academic entrepreneurs / technology transfer offices? My company (Oxentia) is planning on launching a national university venture build programme next year and I really want to ensure we include this initiative on companies launched. 
This is the key issue for me I'm not clear on. Have you developed a clear process on the profile of recipients @ Ben Brabyn ? Or is up to the entrepreneur and on a business by business basis? When I think of university start-ups and spin-outs, it makes sense for it to target recipients who are connected to the market, benefit of the product / service. This could also be a community focus too.
Hi Ben et al. Its great to join the community. Thank you for inviting me. If of any interest more widely, I would be happy to lead a section in the Summit on how we could utilise GenieShares within the University spin-out and start-up community.