Thanks to Amber Ghaddar for introducing Bridget Greenwood to GenieShares! Bridget runs The Bigger Pie promoting and highlighting the role of women in emerging tech, especially DLT/blockchain and crypto, where currently only 10% of roles are held by women.

Bridget told me about several of the key needs of female entrepreneurs and challenged me on whether and how GenieShares can help #womeninblockchain and #womenintech. I believe that we already provide these benefits, and would love to ask community members to comment on how we can improve the value of being a Genie for women (and for men too, highlighting if there are areas of different need).

Facilitated networking
Entrepreneurship can be lonely. GenieShares collects a group of people who have one thing in common - that they've agreed to share some of their success beyond their existing network. This common commitment is a form of "pay it forward" which is a characteristic of all GenieShares Genies and mentors, so collaboration and help among members of the community is common and increasing.

Traditionally, according to research by Ronald S Burt, women have suffered networking disadvantages as their networks "shape" reveal a higher level of closure and a lower level of brokerage than men. GenieShares is explicitly designed to increase both brokerage and closure for participating entrepreneurs.

Personally, my greatest pleasure from the growth of GenieShares so far has been seeing so many people I admire finding that they can collaborate and help each other out along the way! Part of my role is to help entrepreneurs ensure they're getting the most from the networking opportunities that they can create through GenieShares (see below).

Access to elite mentors
Over the last few months we've expanded the GenieShares community to welcome aboard an increasingly varied group of mentors. Many have expertise in specialist fields like law and tech, and others are business development and strategy experts. We're incredibly fortunate to have this growing mentor group, and I find that mentors are especially motivated to help entrepreneurs who have taken the GenieShares pledge to help others gain from growth - so recruiting top level mentors is a big part of our plans going into 2021!

Investor days
Access to capital is skewed on grounds of gender with less than 5% of early stage equity investment going to women-led businesses. There are already some investors among the mentors of GenieShares and we will continue to invite more investors to join the community. We are also talking to various investors about the benefit to them and their portfolio of investing in companies that are actively engaged in their communities, pointing to the dramatic sales growth (10x) in the first year following Peter Kelly 's trailblazing pledge.

Mastermind groups with peers
As the GenieShares network grows we will be able to do more in this direction. We already have specialist mentors who can and do convene ad hoc groups, and I will be pleased to work with anyone who would like to create mastermind or special interest groups to address particular issues.

Introductory coaching with me
I'm always keen to engage directly with new Genies and to help them form a plan for how to gain the most from their pledge. I will happily pledge a one-to-one session with each Genie to talk through how to use the pledge in marketing and business development, investor relations and in network development with other stakeholders including regulators and policymakers.

Having studied effective networking for over 10 years and having build and sold a fintech business I'm delighted to share what help I can, and also to make suggestions and introductions to other members of the community to make new Genies, mentors, sponsors and friends welcome here!
I am inspired to see this post and also the support that is available and that can be tapped into. Great to see a conscientious and supportive community developing
Nothing to add, only to amplify the power of access to mentoring, community, mastermind groups for Genies. I look forward to playing my part in supporting in 2021

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