We depend on mentors to help Genie-led companies so please share your expertise with Genies and take satisfaction that their equity will share and spread the value of the help you give them - a real multiplier.

We'll also share other opportunities for mentors here, such as initiatives we are developing with government bodies, academia and corporate partners.
In these early days of the GenieShares community, the role of "mentor" is still to be shaped, so I'm delighted that we've got some wonderful people aboard who are going to set the path and tone ahead!

Please do make yourselves at home here and there will shortly be an opportunity to create a profile page to set out your stall. I'm also looking forward to introducing  Nee-Joo Teh to discuss how GenieShares mentors can engage with the Knowledge Transfer Network and beyond. But in the meantime please do start to spread some magic among the genies already here, and among each other as mentors, sharing your expertise as far as you can!

Asif Faruque   Ravinol Chambers   Stephen Roberts   David Schluter   Ben Bradshaw   Tom McCallum   Ollie   Adrian Wong   Tram Anh Nguyen   Huy Nguyen Trieu  
Thank you for inviting me to join the community,  Ben Brabyn ! Looking forward to connecting with you all and developing the mentor role.
Thanks for the invite Ben. I am a huge fan of GenieShares. Right place - right time stuff! Im dead keen on seeing this initiative utilised in the university spin-out / start-up space.  Ben Brabyn  et al - does anyone have a simple Intro slide deck we could use to introduce this to academic entrepreneurs / technology transfer offices? My company (Oxentia) is planning on launching a national university venture build programme next year and I really want to ensure we include this initiative on companies launched. 
Ben Brabyn replied
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