Amber Ghaddar is the first Genie to spread her magic beyond the UK, and we need help to find the best way to find her next shareholder.

Please share your thoughts and creative suggestions about how Amber's search for her new co-owner can to the most to highlight the challenges of reconstruction in Beirut, and invite into this discussion anyone and everyone who you would like to be involved!

For small & medium businesses looking for funding, have you thought about applying for an InnovateUK Smart Grant? 70% of your total project costs can be claimed as a Grant, with the other 30% coming from you, either as cash or investor match-funding. Funding is also GBER & not De Minimis State Aid so the Eur200,000 over last 3 years De Minimis rule doesn't apply.

See the below links for more details on the upcoming two rounds. closes tomorrow, 25 November. Feel free to get in touch for moral support, as I complete mine in the final furlong opens on Thursday 26 November and closes Wednesday 20 January 2021 11:00am if you can't make tomorrow's.

Bonne chance a tous!
Most of all, Genies need customers! So if you're a potential customer, why not buy from a company that is brining magic to the community by spreading ownership? Join the conversation here to find Genie companies you would like to work with.

And if you have expertise you can share, introduce yourself here as a mentor and explain how you would like to be involved. Mentoring a Genie company ensures your skills help bring the magic of ownership to many more people.
Happy to mentor a Genie. For clarity, though I've built numerous businesses, there will be better people to introduce you to funders and people to sell to. I focus on leadership as you grow your business. For more, visit my site, which includes interviews with several of this community, including  Ben Brabyn   Ali Arslan   David Mclean