This is a tough time for entrepreneurs. Many are struggling to keep customers, and also want to help the NHS, food retailers, carers and other key workers and volunteers. Others are figuring how to build back better - and fairer - and looking to support people who have a part to play in recovery - or have been especially hard hit.

Now with the help of some great corporate partners including Salesforce, we can help entrepreneurs win business while supporting our communities. We make and promote films of entrepreneurs surprising deserving people with a share of their business.

So if you’re an entrepreneur, take a minute to record a pledge film and we will promote it on social media to inspire your customers and community. 

Pledge 1% of your equity or 1% of your 2021 sales and we will help you find your future shareholder in a way that expresses your values and priorities while also bringing some magic to many more people.

We’ll promote your pledge film on social media and for the most inspiring we’ll help tell your story when you fulfil your pledge with a full length documentary.

Share your success with some of the people who are keeping our society heathy, safe and sound.

It's easy and quick - record your one minute film on your mobile introducing yourself, your business and saying how you would like to share your success - and your gift - with a lucky and deserving member of the public, then upload it here with WeTransfer and we'll share your story.

GenieShares is a campaign to help keep small businesses growing during and beyond Covid19.

If you pledge to make a gift to a third party, GenieShares will provide advice and support but is not a party to the gift or any associated transaction.

If you upload media content to GenieShares you grant us the right to use your content on this website and on social media.